Songs for '?' Historical (mostly!) Album

- in somewhat a helter-skelter chronological order

-some recorded live with Procoro Canada Chamber Choir (Edmonton) or/and with band

-some from a 'dead' duo album with TJ Casey and me that I wanna re-do 

-some I recorded rough rough rough on Garageband... I'm no engineer!

- after listening to this whole thing, there's a ton of words and arrangments  I've changed over the past while!!  All for the best I think!

Wow, this may be too many tunes...  total below is 55 minutes... yikes.  How many are a good number?   Which ones - first impression - would YOU punt if needed to?

Thanks Benny!   JR.         NOV 18, NARROWED DOWN LIST ....  MADE COMMENTS ON CHANGES I'VE MADE SINCE RECORDING                                              THESE... ALL FOR THE GOOD I THINK.

Western Heroes 3:40 changed words!
Footprints of 1880 4: changed words
Cowboys & Pioneers; shortened by lots
5. Teddy & Charlie: speed it up + strum
Gone Are The Days 3:06
The Frontier 3: slower; changed words
Bear Child 4:15
Get Them Cattle Cross 3:27
Grubline 2:57
One Heck of a Man - John Ware 4:15
The River Runs Cold 3:30
Where Angels Fly 3: changed words!