"A seasoned performer and the ultimate

storyteller, Jim's warmth will draw you in." 
Lynn Kot, Past President, Weyburn Concert Series, SK


A chronological history of Alberta from before the decimation of the buffalo to the coming of cattle, cowboys, ranchers, pioneers and settlements.


Highlights Alberta's history from the late 1880's --the challenges of First Nations; NWMP; cattle;  cowboys;  ranchers;  pioneers and settlers.

Honestly, no one on the planet plays guitar or sings exactly like James Taylor. Jim's re-imagined renditions are aimed at capturing the essence of JT's music - timeless songs that evoke great memories and emotions. 

THE OLD WEST STORY is an "Airbnb Online Experience" over ZOOM        Click Here to go to Jim's exclusive Airbnb site

"This was one of the most joyful experiences of my year.  Jim's lyrics are so poetic and tell the history of cowboys and pioneers in such a beautiful way. His impressive slide show brings his lyrics to life as he sings. Soothing and rich voice, talented guitarist and honest storyteller."
Fred Howes, UK, AIRBNB Online Experience Participant

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