"I'm an unabashed Jim Reader fan.  This Canadian singer/songwriter's thoughtful creations represent some of the most consistently fresh material found anywhere."  
Rick Huff, Music Critic, Albuquerque, NM

A Songwriting and Performing Career Spanning 44 Years . . . 



Jim's soul fulfilling bliss - and escape! - has always been his music.

Jim got an early start at performing, he sang on the big stage as a soloist in his first music festival at age 6.  He was given his first guitar at age 10 and never looked back.  Over the years Jim has developed his own unique finger picking style which continues to lay the foundation for his overall body of work.

Since 1975, Jim has been up and down the music trail with many successes and a hundred times as many hard knocks.  Jim is a seasoned performer -- from performing in the produce section of a grocery store to sharing the stage with Kenny Rogers, BJ Thomas and Tommy James and the Shondells (if you're old enough to remember those guys!) during his band haydays.  Being a western history buff, Jim morphed naturally from rock and pop to western/cowboy folk/roots music.  Along the trail he's accumulated several songwriting and performing awards and accolades

Jim believes that his craft is one of entertainment and personality in addition to songwriting and musicianship.   Interestingly, Jim's passion for western history and his wish to maintain our western heritage through his music, is genetic.  His great great grandfather, Joseph Reader, was a Missionary in the NorthWest Territories who signed as a witness to Treaty #4 on September 8, 1875.  So it's easy to see why many of Jim's songs are tributes to the 'golden years of the cowboy'' and the rugged times around 1880. This was an era that witnessed mind-boggling roundups, cattle drives and settlement of the frontier by amazing adventurous characters who are unmatched in their contributions to our North American culture.


Jim is able to take his audiences to a whole new level of appreciation of our western heritage. His performances -- depending on the venue -- can be enhanced with computer augmented visuals to a large backdrop screen.  He has spent hundreds of hours over the past dozen years researching the perfect photos and artwork to augment and synchronize with the lyrics in his songs. The visual aspect of his show lends itself well to the educational component of his songwriting and adds a unique and refreshing perspective to his performances.  You will hear the wind, smell the sage and feel the trail-dust through Jim's colourful lyrics and refreshingly melodic songwriting.

Jim unique finger-picking style dovetails well into the timeless songs of his major musical influence, James Taylor.  As a diverse entertainer, Jim has a full evening's concert of Taylor's timeless music called "Re-Imagining James Taylor".  This full concert involves two of Jim's talented daughters as well.  (see concert clips at 

Marion and Jim Reader have five independently wonderful adult children, and live in Okotoks, Alberta, at the foot of the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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